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Our social responsibility

The topic of social responsibility plays an important role for us. We always make sure to comply with all requirements and set higher and higher standards for ourselves in order to improve in all areas.

Work relationship and security

We operate according to the principle of equality and equal opportunity. Decisions that affect the work environment of employees, e.g. hiring, payment or promotion, are based exclusively on objective and work-based criteria.

The safety of all premises is our top priority. Therefore, we have established a system for job safety and health that encompasses the following points, for example: compliance with the relevant national/local laws and provisions for job safety and health, and documentation of the protective and safety measures.

Health management

Promoting the health of our employees is another important component of our company and of our human resources strategy. We can only be successful if our employees are healthy and motivated. That is because the challenges of day to day work can only be mastered in the long term with success and enjoyment if you are fit.

The objective of Rodenstock's health management is to prevent adverse health conditions at the workplace and to reinforce the well-being of employees at the workplace.

Work-life balance

Anyone who enjoys his career and his professional environment is prepared to become very involved and apply himself to the company. As an employer, we know that motivation, creativity, performance and career success are based on a balanced relationship between work and free time. Rodenstock accepts this social responsibility.

For example:

A broad range of qualifying measures gives our employees the opportunity to expand their competence and develop themselves technically and personally.

Honorary work

Rodenstock has been involved in charitable projects for years, and supports socially disadvantaged people.

Nepal Aid

Rodenstock was involved in the "Bridges to the Himalayas" campaign together with the owners of Ess Optik, Brigitte and Wolfgang Schriever and German Aid for Tibet:
Many children, teachers and other village residents of Mele Gompa in Tibet are reliant on correction glasses, which is an almost unaffordable luxury item in Nepal. Therefore, Rodenstock donated high-quality frames and lenses to 100 children and adults. Our longstanding partner Ess Optik donated the handwork. Brigitte and Wolfgang Schriever's team took over the grinding of the lenses in the frames and brought the finished glasses to the village residents. With this campaign, it was possible to decisively improve the quality of life of 100 people and make a lot of people happy.

Weekend mission to Romania

Rodenstock Schweiz AG has supported Rumänienhilfe.ch for several years. It was founded more than ten years ago. The objective is to combat the poverty of the people in the Suceava region with deliveries of aid from Switzerland. The work was divided into several projects, including a project in the area of ophthalmic optics. Martin Schütz, sales manager of Rodenstock Schweiz AG, has managed this project since 2007 together with several Rodenstock customers.
Martin Schütz is onsite with his team time and time again in order to conduct vision tests, distribute glasses and to glaze frames. In-between, the helpers always find time to distribute aid in the form of clothing, basic foods or luxury food such as chocolate, which is mostly unaffordable to the residents.

Environmental protection

As a manufacturing company in the field of ophthalmic optics, environmental protection and job safety are a central concern.

In our production, we pay attention to precautionary protection of people and the environment and are committed to sustainable and economical use of resources. We are constantly expanding our knowledge of the environmental compatibility of our products and taking suitable precautions.

We use raw materials and energy sparingly and that way protect nature. We promote the environmental awareness of our employees through professional information, training and regular instruction.