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Promote motivation - promote change

The world around us changes constantly and at high speed. One consequence is the new and changed demands placed on us by our customers. Being prepared to learn is more important than ever. It depends on combining the tried and proven with the competence and courage to modify, change and innovate and to actively tackle challenges.
This applies to Rodenstock as well as to the individual employees. 'Openness to changes and personnel development' are therefore two important key competences for Rodenstock.

Our employees are a crucial foundation and prerequisite for Rodenstock's success today and in the future. Competence, commitment, connection with the company: These are characteristics that are important to us and which we actively promote. Therefore we provide for a great variety of measures to create a working environment and work culture that promotes innovation, team spirit and learning.

We support our employees in a situational way in their professional as well as personal development through strategic personnel development and through seminars.


Personnel development

We support the user departments and employees in their development as part of personnel development.
A variety of instruments and programmes for personnel and organisational development are aimed at this.

  • Develop the work motivation and capability and employability of our employees
  • Identify, develop and bond key players
  • Further develop our company and management culture and shape the corporate change
  • Position Rodenstock as an attractive employer in terms of employer branding

All the measures of strategic personnel development are carried out on the basis of the business situation and the performance, engagement, ambition and development potential of the employee.

Manager development

Our managers bear particular responsibility for Rodenstock's success. They are the role models and standard bearers, and they contribute decisively to our achieving the company's objectives. Their targeted support and further development have been a central concern to us for a long time.
Rodenstock offers managers and potential candidates target-group specific development programmes that are nationally or internationally orientated.
Among other things, this includes a cross-divisional and international development programme that is aimed at developing the management competence of the participants as well as developing their corporate understanding and thinking in an overall context.

We support select young professionals through individual development and qualification packages. Depending on the situation, this could be training on the job, mentoring, being a stand-in or taking over specific project management.

Promotion of top specialists

Changes in the working world are also causing the term ‘career’ to be increasingly differentiated. A career was almost always equated to a management career, but today it is a matter of career paths that also do justice to technical specialists and approximate a management career. Even though they prefer to increase the depth of their knowledge in their areas of speciality and don’t want to take on management responsibility – or the respective departmental structure excludes this – these technical experts are still outstandingly important to the company’s success.
With the technical career, we offer designated technical experts attractive perspectives and development possibilities. The specific requirements profiles are very demanding and comply with international standards. The target group is a limited group of technical specialists with special competence and who are in strategic functions.

Academy: Qualifications in all areas of industry & glasses, personality development & communication

Develop the company's competitiveness - to each individual this means constantly working on your own technical and management competence.
The Rodenstock Academy has been a proven platform from this for many years. Rodenstock employees find the organisational and content framework to expand their personal social, methodological and industrial and specialised competences.
Develop competence and create competitive edges: A broad range of qualifying and training measures in all areas of the industry and glasses, personality development and communication are available to our employees. They are constantly adapted to the business necessities and requirements of our employees.