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Our company strategy

Rodenstock was registered as a name in 1877, and we have written success stories since then. Find out more about the strategy that is behind it.

Our quality: German engineering

We place particular value on maximum precision and hand-made premium quality that is developed in Germany. That is because it is primarily the high standard of German engineering skill that makes each one of our lenses
and each frame into a small masterpiece.

Rodenstock uses the business location Germany as a base for its entire value-added chain. This applies to our research centre and prototype building in Munich as well as to our Engineering Centre in Regen.

Our mainspring: Innovation

Our approach is to always think ahead, always become better, and never be content. If we had not thought ahead, we would have never produced the first self-tinting ColorMatic IQ® Sun 2 lens. Or the first individualised progressive glasses that give you the best vision and exploit your personal vision potential by 100% thanks to the Eye Lens Technology. Or the disc hinge for glasses, which works without a single screw, as well as Ti-Lite, the frame made of an extremely light titanium alloy.

Our claim: Enthusiasm

When it comes to the best vision, then sometimes one innovation is not enough. Therefore, we are always surprising our customers, partners and competitors with something new. One surprise, for example, is our high-precision DNEye® Scanner, that makes every eye measurement into a unique experience.

This underlying need to take new paths time and time again in order to make the impossible possible, spurs us on to something new each day, and it distinguishes the Rodenstock brand in all its facets.