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Our services for lenses

Top products such as our lenses deserve special attention. Use our extensive services with the Rodenstock guarantee and service card.*

When you buy glasses with Rodenstock brand lenses, you will receive the Rodenstock guarantee and service card* from your optician. With it, you are entitled to all the services given below. In addition, all the important information on your lenses can be found on your Rodenstock guarantee and service card. With it, your optician can immediately order the right replacements in the event of damage.

6-month satisfaction guarantee

We guarantee you problem-free acclimatisation to your Rodenstock lenses. However, if you are not satisfied within the first 6 months, we will replace the lenses with a different product from our company with the same correction values. It is possible to upgrade to a higher-valued lens with the respective additional payment. In the event of a guarantee claim, there is no entitlement to compensation for the value.

2-year quality guarantee

We guarantee the function and durability of your new lenses from Rodenstock. If your lenses have a quality deficiency within 24 months after the purchase, you will receive identical lenses from your optician as a replacement for free.

3-year quality guarantee

When you buy lenses with our premium finishes, SoIitaire® Protect 2, SoIitaire® Protect Plus 2, SoIitaire® Protect Sun 2 and Solitaire® Protect Balance 2*, we grant an additional 12-month guarantee on the coating above and beyond the 24-month quality guarantee.


We also offer security for progressive glasses wearers when they are travelling. If your glasses are damaged or lost when travelling abroad, we will send you a glasses emergency set to your place of residence with far vision or near vision glasses with your prescription. It is an immediate, free and exclusive service from Rodenstock. When you have received your new or alternatively repaired glasses back, then simply return the practical emergency set to your optician. Simply uncomplicated.*

Optional to the Rodenstock guarantee and service card: Lens insurance:

On request, you can insure your valuable Rodenstock ophthalmic lenses against theft, breakage and damage. We offer you this additional insurance for all Rodenstock brand lenses in cooperation with one of the largest insurance companies worldwide - and for very favourable conditions. If you have chosen individual lenses from our Impression® portfolio, you profit automatically from the lens insurance. For 12 months as of the issue date of your Rodenstock guarantee and service card, your lenses are insured against damage, breakage, and theft. In the event of a claim, you save 50% of the purchase price of your new lenses. Ask your optician for the Rodenstock lens insurance.**

* You can get the Rodenstock Card from all participating opticians. The guarantee and services may vary from country to country. Your claims from the statutory guarantee are unaffected. Spare parts for your Rodenstock glasses will be available for several years after your purchase. In case of damage, you can hand in your glasses for repair and that way continue to use your lenses.
**For legal reasons, the lens insurance can only be offered in Germany and Austria.