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As individual as you: Rodenstock Manufaktur for custom-made products

We also fulfil unusual special requests for spectacles wearers with specific demands. It doesn’t matter how unusual your vision requirements are, we have the optimum solution at hand.

It doesn't matter whether you suffer from extreme far- or nearsightedness, cataracts or other eye disorders - or if you need special lenses for your job or hobby, we will accept any challenge.

For severe visual defects and for medical purposes

Every pair of eyes is unique. And some are so much so that only specially manufactured lenses come into question for them. We have the perfect solution, for example for extreme nearsightedness with up to -47.00 dioptres or severe farsightedness with up to +35.00 dioptres, for example after a cataract operation, or also for accommodative strabismus in children. We offer customised lenses for these special visual requirements that are as thin and light as possible, that look good and with which you can see better.

For specific requirements on the job

In many professions, it is indispensable to view things from up close: surgeons, pilots, tradesmen, proofreaders – for these specialists, good vision is decisive for optimum work results. We offer special lenses to specifically these customers in which the visual ranges are placed completely individually, for example with the near range in the upper part of the lens for tradesmen who work overhead, or pilots who also have to clearly discern instruments in the upper area of the cockpit.

For your collector's items

Things were not always better in the past – but there was a great deal that had a special type of class. The same applies to visual aids, which used to be worn or held in one’s hand. Even today, many people like to immerse themselves in the epoch of the lorgnettes, monocles, and opera glasses, and would like to not only look at these collector items, but use them as well. We equip your treasures with special lenses in your individual prescription. That way you enjoy the aesthetics of the good old times – with the visual comfort of today.

For your diving goggles

Opalescent colourful fish, swaying water plants: diving is a fascination. To make sure you can see better under water, Rodenstock Manufaktur offers lenses for diving goggles that are simply integrated into the diving mask. Whether near- or farsighted, whether -10.00 or +10.00 dioptres - with these vision solutions the ocean will retain its entire fascination.