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Balsam for your eyes: Impression® Mono Plus 2



Impression® Mono Plus 2 at a glance:

  • Relaxed vision even when you change your view frequently
  • Sharpest vision right to the edge of the lens and a brilliant vision experience
  • Increases your performance at work and in your spare time through the slight reading support
  • Exploitation of up to 100% of your personal vision potential through an analysis of the entire vision system
  • Glare-free vision thanks to the Solitaire® 2 antireflection coating
  • Brand quality from Rodenstock
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Impression® Mono Plus 2 single vision lenses

Constantly changing focal distances are a challenge for our eyes. With the newly developed Impression® Mono Plus 2 lenses, your eyes can now relax. Thanks to a slight reading boost of +0.5 dioptres in the lower area of the lens, seeing is less fatiguing and your vision remains fresh and attractive longer.

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