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The intelligent glasses for indoors and outdoors

Self-tinting lenses adapt automatically to any light situation and that way make comfortable and glare-free vision possible at any time.

The new generation of intelligent lenses.

Whether sunshine, artificial light, shade or at dusk, changing between different light conditions places high demands on our eyes. Rely on glasses that think for themselves thanks to ColorMatic IQ® 2 - the intelligent, self-tinting lenses from Rodenstock.

Timeless design colours.

The three new design colours, Pure Grey, Chocolate Brown and Racing Green, were developed exclusively by Rodenstock specialists. They captivate with timeless elegance and a brilliant vision experience.

Pure Grey

Chocolate Brown

Racing Green

Perfect Protection.

100% UVA and UVB protection up to 400 nm is guaranteed in every tinting stage. This ensures optimum protection of the eyes as well as the area around the eyes and prevents premature ageing of the skin.

Your benefits with ColorMatic IQ® 2 lenses at a glance.
  • Outstanding vision experience: Absolutely clear indoors just like conventional glasses, and pleasantly dark in the sun
  • Optimum adaptation to changing light conditions: faster darkening and lightening that can be experienced
  • Ideal glare protection and relaxed vision at any time
  • Exclusive choice of three timeless design colours
  • Anti-ageing effect: Perfect UV 400 protection with 100% UVA and UVB protection
  • Long-lasting and robust: You can rely on these lenses
  • 24-month quality guarantee on the function and durability with normal use
This is how it works.

ColorMatic IQ® 2 lenses contain around one trillion photochromic molecules. When UV light hits these molecules, they unfold – like many thousand sun umbrellas – and the lens darkens. If the UV radiation decreases, the lenses become lighter again. They are crystal clear indoors and cannot be differentiated from regular glasses.

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Our stylish, intelligent ColorMatic IQ® Sun 2 sunglasses lenses.

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