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I AM FREE. With the best Rodenstock progressive lens of all times

Impression FreeSign® 3

Progressive Glasses


Impression FreeSign® 3 at a glance:

  • The best vision right from the start – no acclimatisation time
  • Maximum image stability and minimum distortions
  • Comfortable vison even when taking the stairs
  • 100% natural vision without a swimming effect
  • Available in 4 variations
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Impression FreeSign® 3 progressive lenses

As individual as your lifestyle.

Experience a free and unique vision experience like never before, with our Impression FreeSign® 3 progressive lens, which is adapted perfectly to your lifestyle. Do you have an active lifestyle, travel a great deal and do a lot of sports? Or, is your life characterised by travelling and working on a laptop? We offer you your own custom-made progressive lens. Enjoy a completely new feeling of life – You will feel more relaxed, capable and full of energy.

4 variations for completely individual visual comfort

It doesn't matter whether you choose the individual design or one of our design types; you will receive a lens that is perfectly matched to your eye as well as your lifestyle. The feeling of freedom awaits you with Impression FreeSign® 3.


Is your lifestyle characterised by dynamic activities such as hiking or cycling? Then let Impression FreeSign® 3 Active convince you with very high image stability at far and medium viewing distances.


Are you an all-round talent with high vision demands – regardless of whether it is for cooking, driving or reading? Then Impression FreeSign® 3 Allround with its maximum visual comfort for all visual zones from near to far is the right one for you.


For everyone who wants to have ideal, smooth vision at all distances and who particularly values the medium viewing distance. It is perfect if your everyday life is distinctly characterised by travelling and requires working on a laptop frequently.


Choose the premium variant, a clear, individual design that is perfectly matched to your personal lifestyle. Thanks to the unique combination of Impression FreeSign® 3 and innovative measurement technologies such as DNEye®, for example, each lens is made to be customised for your eye. That way all the aberrations of your eye are corrected and you can enjoy 100% sharp and natural vision. More about EyeLT®

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