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Safety, driven by vision.

Exude confidence on the road with Rodenstock Road driving glasses

Our road safety depends on much more than just the vehicle or our individual skills behind the wheel. A key aspect is vision. Every driver knows that their vision may be compromised in the event of heavy rainfall, fog or snow. Driving at dusk or the headlights of oncoming vehicles pose a real challenge for many people.

Rodenstock Road is the solution. With the specially developed single vision and progressive lenses you are optimally equipped for the visual requirements of driving - for enhanced safety in road traffic.

Discover the driving sunglasses from Rodenstock.
Rodenstock Road Sun

For perfectionists: The best lens from Rodenstock for motorists:

For everyone who expects the best from their driving glasses, also in everyday life.

Available for progressive lenses: Impression® Road 2

Or also as normal distance glasses: Impression® Mono Road 2


Al a glance
  • Unparalleled vision thanks to precise consideration of individual parameters
  • Full use of individual vision potential
  • Also an ideal companion in day-to-day life
For discerning individuals: Superb visual experience for motorists:

An ideal visual experience when driving and in everyday life for discerning spectacle wearers.

Available for progressive lenses: Multigressiv® Road 2

Or also as normal distance glasses: Multigressiv® Mono Road 2


Al a glance
  • Excellent vision up to the periphery
  • Razor-sharp vision and spontaneous sense of well-being
  • Also an ideal companion in day-to-day life