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A vacation for stressed eyes with Multigressiv Ergo® 2



Multigressiv Ergo® 2 at a glance:

  • Custom-made and effect-optimised near comfort lenses
  • Enables more relaxed head and body posture
  • Spontaneous well-being and outstanding compatibility
  • Up to 40 % better vision in the near and intermediate range thanks to Eye Lens Technology EyeLT®
  • Tried and proven brand quality with convincing cost-effectiveness
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Multigressiv Ergo® 2 near comfort lenses

Computer glasses with Multigressiv Ergo® 2 give your eyes relaxation right from the first mouse click. The near comfort lens manufactured for you guarantees excellent visual comfort and will improve your vision quality in the near and intermediate range by up to 40% thanks to EyeLT®. Thanks to the ergonomically positioned visual zones, your head and body posture will improve. Relaxation that you can notice immediately. Profit from a Rodenstock brand product with convincing cost-effectiveness.

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