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Customised for your everyday life: Impression Ergo FS® 2



Impression Ergo FS® 2 at a glance:

  • The most unique near comfort lens in the world
  • Unrivalled vision for your work and hobby
  • Highest performance through relaxed, ergonomic head and body posture
  • Greatest spontaneous compatibility
  • Takes your personal visual habits into consideration
  • Based on an analysis of your entire vision system
  • 100% exploitation of your vision potential thanks to Eye Lens Technology EyeLT®
  • Up to 40% better vision in the near and intermediate range
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Impression Ergo FS® 2 near comfort lenses

For anyone who is only satisfied by the best: Our Impression Ergo FS 2® lenses are the most innovative and highest performing product in the market. The lenses are matched perfectly to your visual requirements as well as your workplace. In addition, your complete vision system will be analysed with the patented Eye Lens Technology in order to exploit your vision potential by 100 %. Whether for work or for hobby, your vision will be relaxed.

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