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Very thin, light and aesthetic: Perfalit and Cosmolit



Perfalit and Cosmolit at a glance:

  • Single vision lenses in outstanding brand quality, proven a million times over
  • Up to 45% lighter than mineral glass
  • Up to 20% thinner than conventional plastic lenses
  • Up to 30% reduced magnification of the eyes
  • High wearing comfort
  • 100% German engineering skill and quality
  • Outstanding cost-effectiveness
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Perfalit and Cosmolit single vision lenses

Rodenstock Perfalit are highly-developed plastic lenses with excellent visual quality and outstanding cost effectiveness. Make a decision now for our single vision lenses that has been proven millions of times over, and rely on the security of Rodenstock brand quality.
To have very good vision right to the edge of the lens, you also have the possibility of using our lenses from the Cosmolit series. These aesthetically thin lenses are not only very light, but they also reduce the magnifying glass effect by up to 30% so that your eyes do not appear bigger behind the lenses.

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