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What are intelligent sunglasses?

Stylish sunglasses are intelligent if they also address the individual requirements of a demanding glasses wearer and adjust to all light conditions.




ColorMatic IQ® Sun 2

As of now, you only need one sunglasses for all light conditions – thanks to our new, self-tinting ColorMatic IQ® Sun 2 sunglasses lenses. They protect your eyes in bright sunlight through dark tinting and provide 100% UVA and UVB protection. Now, if you move from the beach to a café, for example, the lenses lighten up to 55%. That way you have clear and high-contrast vision in the shade as well.

Available in the following tints:








Modern sunglasses that think for themselves:

100% intelligent. 100% stylish. With intelligent sunglasses, Rodenstock is providing not only attractive looks, but above all the best vision as well.

This is made possible by innovative lenses with quality and adaptability that set new standards. This maximum visual comfort is made possible by the latest Rodenstock technologies: ColorMatic IQ® Sun, EyeLT® and Solitaire® Protect Sun 2. And, the look remains cool - with new lens colours, trendy mirror coatings and stylish frames. It's typical Rodenstock.

Trendy mirror coatings for fashion-conscious glasses wearers: Whether on the beach or in the city, our new, stylish mirror coatings emphasise your individual look. You can choose from 5 trendy metallic colours for your new Rodenstock sunglasses. Viola Mirror, Bronze Mirror, Titanium Mirror, Blue Mirror and Silver Moon. Unique colours - perfect for anyone who likes things casual. And the best thing is that the mirror coatings are also available in your prescription. Your optician would be happy to advise you.

The best protection and durability

UV protection

Climate resistant

Scratch resistant

Super antireflection coating


Dirt repellent

Water repellent

The best protection and durability for your sunglasses through the Solitaire® Protect Sun 2 coating with an UV filter: With sunglasses with Solitaire® Protect Sun 2, you can enjoy 100 % protection against UVA and UVB and maximum glare protection. In addition, our premium coating Solitaire® Protect Sun 2 protects against bothersome reflections and is extremely easy to care for and resilient with its beading effect and dust-repelling properties. We vouch for the longevity with our three-year Rodenstock guarantee.*

*Guarantee on the coating with normal use. Claims from the statutory guarantee are unaffected.

Haute Couture for your eyes – the right sunglasses for any taste. With our Rodenstock sunglasses collection, we are sending out a message in the area of design and functionality. Numerous frames ensure maximum diversity - from timelessly elegant, through playfully refined up to ultramodern. In combination with the trendy mirror coatings, the high-quality Rodenstock frames become a definite must-have due to their diversity, quality and design. See our large selection for yourself.

EyeLT® - The revolution for 100 % vision quality: Naturally for sun protection lenses as well. It goes without saying that you can also get your intelligent sunglasses from Rodenstock in your individual prescription. Thanks to our patented Eye Lens Technology, people who wear progressive glasses can now use 100 % of their personal vision potential. With the help of the DNEye® Scanner, the experts at Rodenstock calculate the perfect lens for you based on the "individual fingerprint of your eye". For sharper and higher-contrast vision - even for your sunglasses.