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Why is eye measurement so important?

Your eye is as individual as your DNA. Exact measurement data is the first step towards glasses with which you can fully exploit your vision potential.

Step 1: Counselling meeting

First of all, your optician will ask about the requirements you have of your glasses, for example what type of job you have, whether you travel a lot, take part in sports, or read a great deal, and what problems arise in doing so.

Step 2: Eye scan

Each eye is individual. To ensure you can exploit 100% of your vision potential, your eyes will ideally be measured fully automatically with a modern scanner with high precision at 1000 measurement points. That way the smallest deviations in the eye can be taken into consideration. In contrast to conventional measurement devices, the Rodenstock DNEye® Scanner records not only the low order aberrations, such as the sphere, cylinder and axis. It also measures high order aberrations, which are responsible, for example, for reduced contrast and poor vision at dusk.

Step 3: Subjective vision test

Afterwards, your Rodenstock optician will ask you to take a completely normal, subjective vision test.

Step 4: Glasses measurement

Only with Rodenstock does the 3D video measurement system ImpressionIST® make it possible to also take into consideration the face shape and interocular distance when calculating customised lenses. When you look into the mirror with the pre-adjusted frame, cameras take pictures from several perspectives. With the help of the pictures, parameters such as the shape of your face and the interocular distance are measured exactly in connection with the selected frame.

The result

It’s worth it! Both the data from the measurement devices as well as the information from the subjective vision test are sent to Rodenstock along with your order. We make a perfect lens from it that is matched to your eyes optimally at each individual vision point. Through DNEye® technology, you can exploit up to 100% of your personal vision potential. The result is the largest visual zones and sharp and high-contrast vision, even at dusk. In short, it is a new visual feeling that has never existed before. Naturally, our sun protection lenses are also adapted for you that way too.

  • extensive, individual analysis of the entire vision system
  • 100% exploitation of individual vision potential
  • the sharpest and highest-contrast vision
  • maximum comfort and immediate compatibility of the new glasses