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Why computer glasses too?

Computer or workplace glasses are orientated specifically around the requirements of every day at work, which other glasses cannot master.

Requirements of your eyes

  • Quickly focussing at different distances
  • Monotonous, laborious computer work
  • Infrequent blinking, hence dry eyes
  • Often poor lighting

Vision with progressive glasses

  • They facilitate smooth vision from up close to far away
  • No need to constantly change glasses
  • The visual zone in the reading and intermediate distance is relatively narrow
  • Can lead to unnatural posture at the workplace
  • Vision stress and neck tension from more frequent head movements

Vision with reading glasses

  • Good near vision up to 40 cm, the keyboard for example
  • Not optimum for distance to the screen, ca. 60-80 cm
  • Poor focussing, e.g. on a wall calendar or at colleagues in the room
  • Leads to relieving postures and tension
  • Frequent glasses changes are needed

Vision with computer glasses

  • Individually adapted to your eye movements and visual habits at the workplace
  • Extra-wide fields of vision at reading distance up to room depth
  • Ergonomic body posture
  • Comfortable vision even in your free time

Ergonomic work

Is reading at the display sometimes difficult for you? After a long day at the display, are your eyes dry and does your head hurt? Here is a possible solution: computer glasses.

At your workplace, it is necessary to focus on your monitor, desk and colleagues at different distances in fractions of seconds. With increasing age, this gets more strenuous for the eyes because they can no longer focus as well. Subconscious changes made to your posture have to be compensated for, and often result in pain that is difficult to locate. Our near comfort lenses open up new perspectives. They permanently offload overstrained eyes as well as tense necks and shoulders. That way, working becomes fun again.

Have a look at our computer glasses product portfolio. More.

Ergonomic, pleasant work

Ergo® near comfort lenses are the only lenses that can be adapted individually to typical eye movements and working distances. They make it possible to have extra-large visual areas in close up and intermediate distances, and hence relaxed work. The minutest details become visible once again at a short distance, and clear vision is also possible once again at a distance of up to 5 metres. This increased field of vision supports ergonomic head and body posture and ensures comfortable and fatigue-free vision.

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Solitaire® Protect Balance 2 - For a well-balanced biorhythm

Digital devices give off an unnaturally high amount of blue light compared to daylight. One possible consequence is that the formation of the hormone melatonin, the hands of our internal clock, gets out of balance and falling asleep is delayed. Experts are in agreement:

Fit for the digital world

The innovative high-tech Solitaire® Protect Balance 2 coating reduces blue light to a natural level. The result is that the natural biorhythm is not disturbed, and sleep is once again deep and restful, leaving you feeling well rested in the morning to start the day relaxed and able to concentrate on your work. Improved contrast vision also contributes to relieving your eyes.

More about Solitaire® Protect Balance 2

Comfortable vision even in your free time

Computer glasses with our Ergo® near comfort lenses can be used in a great variety of ways. They are suitable not only for office work, but are true relief for different professions such as musicians, dentists, architects or teachers. In many cases, they are the better alternative to reading glasses in your free time.

Allowance from your employer

By the way, many companies contribute to the cost of computer glasses because of the many benefits. Just ask!