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Test the retina function

The so-called Amsler test can reveal dangerous retinal diseases. Test your retina function now.


Look at the picture from a distance of 30 cm. Wear your reading glasses if you normally use them. Perform the test first with both eyes, then with the right and left eye separately.


Answer the following questions:
Do you see the small, black square in the middle of the grid?
Focus on the square. Do you still see the entire grid?
Are all the lines parallel and black?


If you answered one or more questions with no, you should see your ophthalmologist for a check-up immediately. It may be an indication of an abnormal change of the retina. Important: Repeat the test from time to time.


Retina and macula

Expressed in simple terms, the retina is a screen on which the picture of our environment is projected. It detects stimulation caused by light and passes it on to the brain.

The Amsler vision test is used to test the retina. It can be used to discover disorders of the centre of the retina (macula). In macular degeneration, the central visual acuity of an eye is lost entirely or in part. Since only the centre of the retina is affected, peripheral vision it retained.
Macular degeneration must be treated professionally. If you don't have a good feeling after the above test, then please consult your ophthalmologist.