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Test for cornea curvature

Cornea curvature (astigmatism) exists if a dot is visualised as a line on the retina. Take the self-test now.


Fasten the four circles in a row and look at the lines. Important: First test each eye individually and then both eyes together. You can take the test with or without glasses.


Do you see clear black lines in all the circles?


If the lines appear blurred in one or more directions, this could indicate irregularities in your eye. In that case, see your optician, ophthalmologist and optometrist. If you notice differences in the lines with your glasses as well, then you should have your glasses checked, because uncorrected astigmatism reduces your visual acuity.


Corneal deformation or astigmatism

A deformed cornea is not curved uniformly. Slight astigmatism is very widespread.

Approximately 70% of all glasses wearers are astigmatic. This means they have corneal deformation. Because of the different deformations of the cornea, the refraction of light is distorted and round objects, for example, appear rod-shaped. The term "astigmatism" derives from the Greek a - "without" and stigmatos the genitive of stigma "a mark, spot, puncture".

Corneal deformation is corrected by toric lenses. It can be compensated for optimally with Rodenstock lenses – and you can once again fully utilise your vision potential.

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