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Improve you vision at a monitor

Configure your monitor for fatigue-free, better vision at work or in your spare time.


Do you see 9 different, clearly delimited and different grey areas? The left field should be totally black, and the right one totally white.


If that is not the case, change the brightness and contrast until you get the desired result.

More tips:

Put the monitor at a distance of ca. 50 cm away from your eyes. Also make sure you have an easy to read font size for text.


Improve your vision at the display

A few simple measures and special computer or near comfort glasses will provide more visual comfort when working at infromt of a monitor.

• Take the time to setup your workplace ergonomically, e.g. adjust the seat height, screen position, etc.
• Make sure you blink regularly to avoid dry eyes.
• Adjust the font size on the screen so that everything can be read comfortably without any effort.
• Look away from the screen now and then, or take small breaks, because short rests help the eye muscles to relax.