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FAQ – questions and answers in connection with better vision with Rodenstock

Naturally, an optician is the best contact person for your questions when it comes to vision. However, for initial orientation and consulting, we have compiled answers for you to the most frequently asked questions about lenses and frames. Simply use our store locator to make direct contact to an optician close to you.
Questions and answers about Rodenstock

Simply use the optician search on our international website www.rodenstock.com to find a Rodenstock optician partner close to you.

6 month satisfaction guarantee
We guarantee you problem-free acclimatisation to your RODENSTOCK lenses. If you are not satisfied within the first 6 months, we will replace the lenses with a different product from our company. It is possible to upgrade to a higher-valued lens with the respective additional payment. In the event of a guarantee claim, there is no entitlement to compensation for the value.

2-year quality guarantee
We guarantee the function and durability of your new lenses from RODENSTOCK. If your lenses have a quality deficiency within 24 months after the purchase, you will receive identical lenses from your optician as a replacement for free.

3-year quality guarantee
Valid upon the purchase of SoIitaire® Protect, SoIitaire® Protect Plus, SoIitaire® Protect Sun 2 and Solitaire® Protect balance 2 lenses: Above and beyond the 24-month quality guarantee, we grant an additional 12-month guarantee on the coating for the premium finishes SoIitaire® Protect, SoIitaire® Protect Plus, SoIitaire® Protect Sun 2 and Solitaire® Protect Balance 2*.

*The guarantee and services may vary from country to country.
Your claims from the statutory guarantee are unaffected. Spare parts for your RODENSTOCK glasses will be available for several years after your purchase. In case of damage, you can hand in your glasses for repair and that way continue to use your lenses.

We also offer security for progressive glasses wearers when they are travelling. If your spectacles are damaged or lost when travelling abroad, we will send you a spectacles emergency set to your place of residence with far vision or near vision glasses with your prescription. It is an immediate, free and exclusive service from RODENSTOCK. When you are back at home, simply return the emergency set to your optician.

Questions and answers about lenses

Mineral glass was considered to be the premium material for manufacturing lenses for a long time. However, times change. Today, lenses are made almost exclusively of high-tech plastics, which are superior to mineral glass in almost all ways.
Lenses made of plastic are lightweights and can be manufactured very thin. That increases the aesthetics and wearing comfort for the glasses wearer. In addition, plastic lenses are absolutely clear, robust and the colour is stable.

Progressive lenses cover different strengths in the near, intermediate and far range, and they are seamless. The bothersome changing between reading and standard glasses is no longer necessary. And, progressive glasses also have benefits when it comes to looks: Because the different visual zones in the lens transition into each other invisibly, progressive glasses provide an unimpeded view of your eyes and cannot be discerned from normal single vision glasses.

A good sunglasses lens protects the eyes against UV radiation, prevents bothersome glare, and maintains natural colour contrasts. Sun protection lenses from Rodenstock offer all of this, and are available in three series with different characteristics.
• SunProtect combines design and functionality in one sun protection lens. The lenses provide optimum UV protection, are available in stylish colours with and without a graduated tint – and naturally also with your prescription!
• Ideal for anyone who still wants to have high-contrast vision despite the sun: SunContrast filters 100% of the UV radiation and also the bulk of the blue light radiation in daylight. They are particularly well suited for places with many reflections, for example on a beach holiday. They are available with your individual prescription.
• Polarised lenses filter out almost all bothersome light reflections and make relaxed, fatigue-free vision possible. Besides a great deal of visual comfort, this also gives you greater safety, for example when driving a car or in outdoor sports. Of course, they are also available with your prescription.

If you are nearsighted, then you can see well at short distances without glasses, but everything is blurry and unclear in the distance. The most frequent cause of this is an eyeball that is too long (longitudinal myopia) so that the image is created in front of the retina, and for that reason you cannot see it clearly.
Just like farsightedness, nearsightedness (myopia) is also measured in dioptres. It can be compensated for optimally with Rodenstock lenses with a minus effect – and you can once again fully utilise your vision potential.

As soon as you are no longer wearing your glasses, the best thing is to put them in a hard shell case. If you don't have a case, then always keep them in a safe location with the lens side up.

Avoid very high temperatures, approximately as of 80°C. Neither lenses nor frames like to spend too much time in the sauna or on the dashboard of your car in the summer. In contrast, there are no known negative effects for use in the winter in temperatures that are below zero.

Individual progressive lenses are personalised specifically for you and are therefore optimised. They are customised individually to your specific requirements and wearing habits. Far more individual parameters are incorporated into the manufacturing than for conventional lenses. They only take strengths into consideration for the lens according to a standard pattern. Individual progressive lenses such as Impression FreeSign® 3 are therefore customised for your eyes. A great variety of data about your face and the frame that you select are measured with our 3D measurement terminal and taken into consideration in the manufacturing of these lenses. This means even greater visual comfort and up to one-hundred percent exploitation of your vision potential.

The overriding industry standards apply to lenses from all manufacturers. However, they are not sufficient, because for the System of Better Vision, exclusively high-quality materials and precision manufacturing are used. For that reason, Rodenstock developed its own standards that guarantee the highest quality in every stage of development and production. This includes strict material tests, extensive compatibility studies and quality tests before each individual product is shipped. We offer everything from a single source, from the research and development right up to manufacturing the lenses.

Along with nearsightedness, farsightedness (hyperopia) is one of the most common visual impairments. If you are farsighted, then you can see well at long distances without glasses, but everything is blurry and unclear up close. In most cases, the cause is an eyeball that is too short (longitudinal hyperopia). The image is created behind the retina and is not sharp.
Just like nearsightedness, farsightedness (myopia) is also measured in dioptres. It can be compensated for optimally with Rodenstock lenses with a plus effect – and you can once again fully utilise your vision potential.

The easiest and most gentle way to clean your spectacles is with some washing up liquid under running water. Afterwards, the best thing is to rub the glasses with a microfiber cloth.
Please don't rub them with a T-shirt or paper tissue. Scratches cannot be removed from plastic or mineral glass lenses. Even if the flaw seems to be only cosmetic, light is scattered by the micro-fine scratches, which irritates the eye.
Your glasses would really appreciate intensive cleaning every 6 months by your Rodenstock optician partner. Just a few minutes in an ultrasound bath is enough to cause lenses and the frame to shine with their former glory.

The trademark "R" on lenses from Rodenstock indicates to you that you have an original product from Rodenstock, which complies with the highest technical and functional requirements.

Besides the brand engraving, the lenses also have a so-called function engraving. The optician needs this for optimum alignment of the lens in front of the eye, and for clear correlation of the lenses. However, the engraving cannot be seen under normal light conditions.

Vision deteriorates in the near range with increasing age, and books or letters have to be read with your arm extended. The ageing process of the eye is responsible for this and the deteriorating elasticity of the lens that goes along with it.

Progressive glasses are suitable for compensating for presbyopia for smooth, clear vision at all distances. At your workplace, you will benefit from special computer glasses with Ergo® near comfort lenses.

Take a look at yourself when you are reading. If you have to hold the book or newspaper unpleasantly far from yourself to see clearly, then you need a reading addition for near vision. Reading glasses can provide some help; however progressive glasses have the decisive benefit that you only need one pair of glasses for different distances. That way you are always flexible in your everyday life and can see sharply in any situation.

Lenses from the Rodenstock Perfection category provide an ideal solution: The entire visual system of the glasses wearer is analysed here individually in order to fully exploit the vision potential.

Yes! The size of the near vision zone is decisive for the reading comfort with progressive glasses. With Impression® progressive lenses with EyeLT®, it is particularly large for unrestricted reading enjoyment and clear vision in the intermediate and far range. That means you are much more flexible with progressive glasses than with simple reading glasses. Whether for near vision, intermediate vision or far vision, you just need one pair of glasses for any vision situation.

Unfortunately not. Lenses are not just one pane of glass or plastic, rather a complex system of layers for antireflection, tinting and other additional functions. Therefore "polishing out" scratches doesn't work. Scratched glasses should be replaced soon. The micro-fine scratches cause light to scatter. The eye has to correct constantly which leads to fatigue. Headaches may be the consequence.

A high-quality antireflection coating makes sure that incident light is not reflected as much by the lens. That way, unsightly reflections from the lens are reduced, and almost as much light reaches your eyes as without any glasses. In addition, an antireflection coating reduces reflections on the back side of the lens thereby giving you better vision at dusk and in the night.

It is often the case that lenses with an antireflection coating are less sensitive to scratches, because they have an integrated hard coating – such as Solitaire® Protect Plus 2 from Rodenstock, for example. The lens finish with a 3-year guarantee combines an antireflection coating, hard coating and an anti-dirt coating. You benefit from reflection-free lenses that give a clear view of your eyes, are easy to clean, and provide a permanent, perfect vision experience in your everyday life.

It is short for Eye Lens Technology: EyeLT® is a new technology in Rodenstock's lens manufacturing that has been registered for a patent. Something that was considered to be undoable has been possible since 2011 thanks to EyeLT®: up to 40% better near vision for people who wear progressive glasses – a milestone in the history of progressive lens technology.

The optician carries out a special near vision test with the customer for this. The eye is measured completely automatically and with high precision with the DNEye® Scanner, a new and innovative measuring device. Together with the results of the regular eye measurement, all this additional information is sent with the order to Rodenstock and we make the best possible lens from it. In short, the glasses wearer can exploit his individual vision potential by 100%.

ColorMaticIQ® are self-tinting lenses from Rodenstock. They adjust by themselves to any light situation in record time. Whether in sunshine, glaring artificial light, shade or at dusk, the ColorMaticQ® lenses darken or lighten depending on the surroundings. To you, this means relaxed and reliable vision in any light with just one pair of glasses.

Questions and answers about frames

Please use the optician search function to find a Rodenstock partner optician near to you. They will assist you.

Since we work together exclusively with specialised optical businesses, there is unfortunately no possibility to handle sales or repairs directly with you as the end consumer. Use our store locator to find a Rodenstock optician partner close to you. He will be happy to help you.

We only communicate the prices for spare parts to our business partners, the opticians. Since a repair includes the labour and pricing of the optician, we are not able to influence the final price..

Your local optician will give you information on our recommended retail prices. Use our store locator to find a Rodenstock optician partner close to you. He will be happy to help you.

Mainly frames made of acetate and titanium are best suited for people with nickel allergies. Both materials are hypoallergenic. At the same time, all other materials used to make glasses comply with the EU nickel directive. Rodenstock monitors compliance through standardised quality checks.

The hinges of glasses may indeed seem to have an inconsiderable affect, but as the only moving part in the glasses it fulfils two important tasks: First of all it provides the connection between the front of the glasses and the sides. The higher the quality of the manufacturing of the spring, the more reliable and longer lasting the entire spectacles. Secondly, the glasses hinge is decisively responsible for wearing comfort. Only if it is designed to be flexible and durable at the same time, does it make it possible to adjust the glasses to fit your head perfectly. The premium hinges from Rodenstock guarantee all of these characteristics. They are tested extensively for permanently good hinge movement, high adjustability and maximum durability.

In order to ensure a high level of wearing comfort even in the long-term, the glasses must be adjusted to your head shape as accurately as possible. Rodenstock's development is based on more than 135 years of experience in how glasses fit. For that reason, glasses from Rodenstock are delivered anatomically pre-adjusted, and afterwards there are still numerous adjustment possibilities in the area of the nose pads, hinges and end pieces so that the optician can match the glasses individually to your head shape. That way eyewear from Rodenstock becomes the perfect glasses.