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From a single source: The System of Better Vision

Rodenstock is the only manufacturer to offer you the perfect interplay between lenses and frames – so that you can exploit your vision potential by 100%.

Josef Rodenstock was ahead of his time when he said the following in 1877: "Visual impairments are not a disease, but can be remedied very easily if you understand the system of vision in its entirety."

We safeguard this heritage still to this day, and allow it to continue living in all our products and each one of our Rodenstock innovations. That is because it is the sum of the details that makes glasses from Rodenstock so unique. It is something that no other manufacturer in the world can offer: a System of Better Vision. It is the perfect interplay between high-precision Rodenstock lenses, perfectly matched Rodenstock frames, and competent, individual measurement and advice. This interplay guarantees you not only the best vision, but the best looks at the same time.